Wednesday, January 30, 2013

dayna & jeff = love

here is a sneak peek at a wedding i just styled, planned and did flowers for at the SeaCliff Country Club in Huntington Beach, CA  

 DaynaJeff_Wedding_31Aug2012_BKEENEPHOTO_0110 DaynaJeff_Wedding_31Aug2012_BKEENEPHOTO_0110 DJWEDDING_12Aug31BKeenePhotography-320
  DJWEDDING_12Aug31BKeenePhotography-320 copy
 DJWEDDING_BKeenePhotography-306 DaynaJeff_Wedding_31Aug2012_BKEENEPHOTO_0123 DJWEDDING_12Aug31BKeenePhotography-98

pretty pinks

wedding i styled and did flowers for in Fullerton

Friday, December 14, 2012

beautiful but not expensive wedding in a park

florals: me
wedding design: me
coordinating: me

so this bride came to me and told me that she was given a chunk of money by her parents for her wedding but that she and the groom had decided to put a down payment on a house instead.  This is a common things these days.  so....she was looking to me to help plan and style a wedding day that was still beautiful but not fussy.  Beautiful but not expensive.  I found a nearby park, rented what we needed and hired who we needed and designed some romantic red rose bouquets and other arrangements and there you have it.  beautiful but not expensive. loved them standing in a puddle of red rose petals.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

toes in the sand wedding by me. florals: me


so when this bride came to me and requested a wedding for 50 of her closest family and friends and then told me she had a budget of $5,000 I was a bit scared.  Then, I thought..."oh my gosh i can totally do this!"  I hired an officiant for $200.  We printed her invitations ourselves, She bought her dress off the rack, She did her own hair and makeup,The groom and best man rented their tuxedos.   I did the flowers and the coordinating for a great price, they had a friend play the guitar in the sand as she strolled down, we didn't have to pull permits for the beach with only 50 that was free, they hosted their guests to a 7 course meal at a near by Indian restaurant with the remainder of the budget.  Totally doable and I was so proud of them for following their hearts.  Glad I could help make their day so meaningful.

classic white & beautiful by me

wild and free arrangement by me

wedding in parents special

when their first daughter shared the news that she was engaged the planning immediately started.  she had always dreamed of being married in their backyard.  100 of their closest family and friends would gather and have such a lovely time.  Such detail went into their special day.  I hung family photos.  Guest placecards hung from the avacado tree she used to climb as a child.  Her mothers wedding dress, I hung from the arbor her father built just for their ceremony.  so special!